About Whitesteel (Singapura) Pte Ltd

The incorporation of WHITESTEEL is an initiative by our founders, a few respectable managers from the fields of technical service, fabrication and sales generations. From the beginning, we have complemented each other and recognized the fundamentals of foodservice equipment supply business.

Our founders have over 30 years of combined experience in F&B industry, foodservice solutions, commercial kitchen equipment supply and stainless steel fabrication.

We undertake all s/steel contract works by designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing our products. We have a team of creative design consultants that make regular visit to customers’ place to analyze, discuss, and advice ways to optimize space availability to aid business functions. We have the capability to customize and fabricate high quality stainless steel products to meet end-user’s specifications and requirements.


“From Design to Delivery, if you have a requirement, we will make it a reality for you” – Zec Han, Senior Manager

‘’Whether it’s in stock, designed and fabricated to your specifications, nobody does stainless steel better than WHITESTEEL’’.

We provide customers and ourselves our high quality standards and customer service. Our repeat customers are a testimony to our quality & service.

We serve all industries and all F&B sectors, such as cafeterias, deli shops, coffee shop, clubs & bars, cinemas, food courts, hotels & resorts, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, international fast food chains, restaurants etc.

As one of the emerging distributors of foodservice products, WHITESTEEL offers our customers something that other distributors cannot; a team of highly trained specialists that provide everything needed to run an efficient and profitable foodservice operation. Across the board, WHITESTEEL is truly a “one stop” company.